Earth Day celebrates its 50th Anniversary on April 22nd. Celebrated worldwide, Earth Day highlights and brings awareness to the environment.

At Halo, we strive to be eco-friendly year-round. To that end, Halo celebrates Earth Day everyday as it produces natural, sustainably-sourced pet food. We are proud to have earned certifications from two independent organizations that evaluate companies’ sustainable and responsible sourcing practices, The Global Animal Partnership (GAP) and The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

For those dog owners looking to combat climate change by reducing their carbon paw print even further, Halo has a solution. Halo’s Garden of Vegan dry and canned dog foods are made with chickpeas, non-GMO vegetables and fruits, and nourishing oils, providing a nutritionally balanced diet made with the finest quality ingredients and NO rice. Our completely plant-based protein comes from whole grains, green peas, and chickpeas. Our vegan recipe is a holistic alternative diet for protein-sensitive dogs and has the same essential nutrients found in diets with meat as the protein source. It is also ideal for dog parents living a vegan lifestyle. Learn more at

With the cloud of Covid hanging over us, we realize it is difficult to celebrate Earth Day like we used to. Nonetheless, we hope you and your fur babies make the most of it and remember to celebrate Mother Earth.