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Summer is here and now it the perfect opportunity to get your dog to exercise outside and walking is a great way to start. Why is it important to walk your dog? 

When it comes to puppies, the main goal is for your new pup to get used to being attached to you by a lead. Short walks are a good start. Five to fifteen minutes are sufficient. Pick a safe spot where you are able to show him how to slow down, stop and go. Take a short break for positive reinforcement. As he learns to listen for comments give him more praise and perhaps have some training treats handy. 

Mental Stimulation
Although you may have a backyard, it doesn’t provide the variety of sensory stimulation most dogs need in order for them not to be bored. Dogs like to go outdoors to sniff and engage with their environment. When out for a walk, allow your dog to investigate his surroundings. Dogs gain a lot of information of the world through their nose. It’s like surfing the internet for them.

Regular exercise is essential for your dog. It will help to keep him strong no matter his age, size, breed or gender. Physical activity is part of a dog’s overall health. It’s extremely helpful with muscle growth and preventing obesity in addition to feeding him a healthy dog food. 

Along with a good diet and perhaps a holistic supplement, walking helps with constipation and inappropriate elimination. Walking can help improve your dog’s digestive health as he strolls his way to optimal health. Once you have a consistent walking schedule, your dog will know when to go potty and hopefully have a regular bowel movement. 

Do you walk your dog? Share any tips in the comments below.