Halo Fan, Mary Anne, shared with us the story of her dog, Candi, and how Halo Holistic Wild Salmon and Whitefish dry food changed her digestion. She says:

“Hello! We have had Candi for 18 months. We got her from the humane society. She is a boxer, pittie, others mix. Wonderful dog and very smart. Well, she LOVES the halo Salmon. And you are right, the difference is in the poop! I was thinking about switching to raw, but your ingredients are really good. And she really does like it! Once in awhile the cat eats some too. I haven’t tried any other flavors. To be honest I bought it because it was a good price on mail order! Was worried because it was a big bag. I worry no more! Now I am going to research your cat food!”

Mary Anne, thank you for sharing your story and we hope Candi continues to live a happy and healthy life!