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Just like all creatures, cats need water to survive and thrive. Hydration helps a cat’s body systems run smoothly, including digestion and urinary health. 

Of course, also like humans, not all cats are big water drinkers so it’s up to us to help them stay hydrated. Here are some ways to help your cat get more water every day.  

Add Canned Food to Your Cat’s Diet 

One of the easiest ways to add more water to your cat’s diet is to feed her wet food which, naturally, has more water in it than kibble. Consider mixing it up and feeding her both canned and dry, which has the added benefit of keeping things interesting if your cat gets bored of her diet easily. 

Add Ice Cubes to Food and Water 

Try adding an ice cube to your cat’s wet food, which creates some fun for your cat. She may enjoy licking the cube (which will taste like the food) and playing around with it in the bowl. Throwing a cube or two in your cat’s water bowl might also pique your cat’s interest in what’s inside the dish so try it out and see. 

Feed Smaller Meals Throughout the Day 

Depending on your feeding schedule and availability, consider feeding your cat smaller meals throughout the day rather than one or two larger meals. Eating typically creates thirst so instead of driving your cat to the water bowl after a couple of bigger meals, this might prompt her to slurp up some more water throughout the day. 

Place Water Bowls Throughout the House 

Make it easy for your cat to access water! While she may not wake up from a snooze on your bed and head downstairs to the kitchen for a drink, if she sees water available in your bedroom, she might partake in a bit.

Make Sure Water is Clean 

We get busy and it’s easy to forget to rinse out the water bowls and refill them, but it really does make a difference in your cat’s desire to drink from them (can you blame them?). Make sure to rinse and wipe out bowls daily to avoid bacteria forming. Good, clean water is always a winner! 

The bottom line is that good hydration is one key component to overall feline health, so get creative to keep your kitty slurping up the H20!