Summer Hydration Tips for Dogs

One of the best parts about summer is that you get to spend more time outside with your canine companion since the days are longer. However, we need to keep in mind that the temperatures can become severe. Here are some tips to make sure your pup does not get dehydrated or suffer from heat exhaustion:

  1. Water, water, water. Makes sure your dog has water available at all times. Fresh, cool water is enticing to a dog, which means they may drink it pretty fast. It’s important that you often monitor your dog’s water intake throughout day. 
  2. Give ice cubes to beat the heat. Many dogs like to hear the crunching of ice so giving them some ice cubes can be helpful. Dropping a few pieces into their water bowl can help improve the amount of water they drink daily.
  3. Always carry water when going outside. Even if your walk is only 15-20 minutes, make sure your dog has water available. Bring a water bottle or go to a place with a water fountain. Remember to stop often for water breaks. 
  4. Hydrate with wet food. Just like us, dogs need a lot of water to stay healthy. Their bodies are made of 75% water, yet they rarely drink enough of it to support excellent hydration and organ function. That’s why Halo recommends that at least 25-50% of their daily calories come from wet food.
  5. Feed them frozen fruits or veggies as a treat. Frozen fruits and vegetables, such as blueberries and green beans, are a great way to help your pup cool down while also providing them a healthy treat!


Do you have any tips for keeping your dog hydrated? Let us know in the comments below.