Cat Meow

“You wot?” ?

A post shared by Eugene Step (@superpetchannel) on Feb 28, 2019 at 4:05pm PST

Anyone who lives with a cat knows that every cat’s meow is unique and distinctive. Some are deep meows, some are squeaky little meows, some are more like a growl and some are like little meow-chirps! Some experts say there are more than 20 types of meows! 

There are a variety of reasons your cat might be meowing; here are just a few: 


Your cat may just be saying howdy when he meows at you. Some experts believe cats meow simply to communicate with their humans and saying hello is certainly a great way to do that! 


Cats that are in pain often vocalize. If your cat is suddenly meowing much more than normal, you may want to take him to the vet to get him checked out! 


Some cats might just meow to get your attention….they may want something, to be let in or out or they might simply want you to tear your eyes away from your Netflix binge so you can focus solely on them! Some breeds (like Siamese for example) are known as big “talkers” and seem to want to chat up their humans more than other breeds. 


Often cats meow when they are anxious or stressed about something, like being in the cat carrier, for example. Some cats become lonely when their owners are away and meow incessantly when they are by themselves. 


If you aren’t feeding your hungry cat fast enough, you very likely might be getting some meows that appear to be saying, “hurry up, slow poke, I’m HUNGRY!” By the same token, some cats don’t even wait until you are out of bed to start meowing for their first meal of the day. 

Silent Meows 

Silent meows are pretty cute, aren’t they? It may appear your cat is meowing but no or little sound is coming out…but some experts believe that there actually is sound coming out, but our poor little inferior human ears just aren’t capable of hearing it!  

Over time, many humans say they can distinguish their cat’s meows based on what they want to communicate. Can you?