DonnaNewPicCroppedIf you like good before and after photos then you are going to love Xena’s!

Xena is a 7 year old spayed female Pomeranian and our 5th successful participant in the Halo Healthy Weight Challenge program!

Xena’s owners were desperate to get her to lose weight—their veterinarian had warned them of the health dangers of her being so heavy.

Despite diet changes, the owners felt Xena’s weight was just not budging so they reached out to Tracie Hotchner of the Radio Pet Lady Network to enroll Xena into The Expert Vet’s 12-week Halo Healthy Weight Challenge program to help her lose her extra pounds.

Xena’s owners had fallen prey to a common dog feeding pitfall—OVER-TREATING! After careful evaluation of her daily food intake, Xena was found to have been eating twice as many calories than she needed for the day in just TREATS and table scraps.

By the time her regular dog food was added in, Xena was eating 3 times + what she required every day! This kind of eating had allowed her to balloon up from her ideal body weight of 11.5 pounds to an astounding obese weight of 15.4 pounds.

BEFORE: Xena at her heaviest—15.4 pounds!
AFTER (12 weeks later): Xena at her IDEAL body weight—11.7 pounds!

Thanks goodness John reached out to us and has been so dedicated in getting Xena to her healthiest weight! The risks of obesity are real—obesity can shorten the length of YOUR dog’s life. Do something today!

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